HONEYFIG is about creating authentic, heartfelt and purposeful events.

We believe in the union of our nearest and dearest coming together to celebrate people in the most intimate and meaningful way whether it be a special union, celebration or sharing a grazing feast together.

We take care of everything from the design + styling and planning + coordination; with a meticulous eye for detail and striving to ensure that every project we design, reflects who YOU are. Our style is edgy, non-traditional and brave. We will push boundaries and experiment with spaces, colours and textures to give you an event that is truly and uniquely YOU. For us, sharing the moment of people coming together and celebrating in their most intimate and meaningful of ways, is what we live for.

We are for the free spirits, the carefree, the adventurous and wanderers who admire raw landscapes, connection, and a good + genuine fun time.

We are, for the wild + untamed.

our offerings.

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