fbpx Tasmania Social Event - Luxe Tribe Barn Picnic

Jan 11, 2019

Luxe Tribe Barn Picnic

Social Event

As it was coming up to the busy Christmas Season and before everyone dispersed into their own ways to do all the family visiting, lunches and dinners; we thought it would be an great excuse to call all my beautiful chicas together to experience a Luxe Picnic, photoshoot and most importantly, an overdue catch up.

We had originally planned to do our picnic set up on the beach but as morning came, so did the rain. Thank you Tassie, for always bringing the rain gods exactly when we don’t need it most.

So we made a very last minute call, and decided to re-locate to Birchview Tasmania. A private property nestled in Allen’s Rivulet owned by the very lovely and very accommodating Lynette and Stephen.

You know when you think to yourself- ‘the universe aligned itself exactly for the sole purpose of meeting these wonderful people’. Well yep, that is exactly what happened.

How did we meet you ask?

Well, Omar had been keeping an eye on marketplace for some prop items and went to a house to pick up something. Through general chit chat and let’s be honest, Omar can talk; he shared about our new and upcoming bizzo. And that was that.

At least, we thought it was.

A few weeks passed and we received a message from Birchview. Turns out, Lynette had also bought something off the same lady via marketplace not long after us and they also got chatting and the lady shared some information about our business and here we are- collaborating and partnering with the beautiful and intimate location that is , Birchview Tasmania.

Okay, so back to the picnic.

Lynette, kindly opened her property, extremely last minute and we were able to set up in an undercover spot, that turned out to be my most favourite set up so far, The Hay Barn.

A rustic, bohemian styled set up complimented by the haybales in the foreground and six of the kindest, funniest, strongest, supportive and dead-set babe’n ladies that I have been fortunate to have found new friendships with since the big move to Tasmania (one year and a half ago).

We had two of our large styled cheese platters with all the goodies, including a very creamy and melt in your mouth French Goats Chevre, King Island’s Smoked Cheddar and the King Island Double Brie topped with both fresh Honeycomb and Saffron Honeycomb from Tass-Saffron (find them at Salamanca Markets- it is DELICIOUS) and of course, our favourite Grandvewe Blue Cheese. Everything complimented with antipasto, Italian meats, fresh fruit and creamy swiss chocolate.

I love how food can bring everyone together.

You see, Omar’s cultural background is Chilean and I am Samoan/Maori, which basically translates to us and our families creating and Game of Thrones -esque feasts- minus the Red Wedding.

It was the perfect day filled with beautiful company and good food for the souls. Even our special alpaca friends Hamish, Frank, Dillon and Goldie joined the party.

So, if you are looking for a place to host your special event whether it be a Wedding, Elopement or Boutique occasion without the outrageous costs, then look no further than Birchview.

The location is only 20 minutes out of Hobart, the hosts are incredibly accommodating and hospitable. The landscape is stunning, the serenity is truly felt and you too can also make some gorgeous alpaca friends for those Insta shots you know you want.