Picnic Hampers

Picnic at your own pace with our freshly packed picnic baskets.  The same delicious goodies packaged into a go anywhere basket.


The Boho Basket

Imagine a beautiful sunny day in good ol’ Tassie and you are heading out for the day (solo or in some couple situo).  

You’ve got your picnic basket at the ready and it’s filled with some well-endowed delicious sexiness.

You get to your destination under the Richmond Bridge and get to pull out your glorious rug by the river and treat yo’self and/or your bitch’n company to some fresh local Tasmanian produce; chosen just for you and all at your convenience.

In that moment, you know all is well with the world.

Food and drinks

  • The perfect picnic basket, including two gourmet cheeses, dip, seasonal fruit and condiment.
  • Non- alcoholic drinks of your choosing (softs, sparkling/still water or juice).


  • Beautiful picnic rug
  • All cutlery, glass wear and plates.
  • Pick up/delivery (must be returned/picked up same day)

Perfect for

  • No fuss adventures.
  • Alone time.
  • All in one convenience.

Number of people

  • 1 – 2



Are you looking for a no fuss experience?

We’re totally happy to do all the work – that’s what we do.  If you want the full experience we’ve got you covered.