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Apr 1, 2020

Things to do whilst in lockdown

General Feature

We are currently navigating strange times with Covid-19 hitting us all rapidly and suddenly as it did. And as this has negatively impacted my little business, it has weirdly been both a refreshing time, but also one of grieving for me as well.

As our business primarily focuses on gatherings and bringing people together, it felt like a rug was swept underneath me; quite literally, overnight.

The stages of grief hit in quick; denial that this was happening, which then turned into thoughts that ‘this wouldn’t last too long’. Which then quickly turned into bargaining; but ‘maybe if we do the event with less than 100 people, it will all be fine’?

It wasn’t.

We rescheduled 90% of our events until later 2020 and now in 2021 and then I stood in front of my newly invested giant wall calendar and stared at the blank 6 months that glaringly looked back at me.

It was gut wrenching.


Panic and anxiety then set in.

How am I going to pay bills? How am I going to contribute to our household? Will we be able to still afford to pay our overheads?

And the biggie that I almost forgot too……amid planning our couples wedding, we were also planning our own wedding, which we had just booked, in frigg’n Bali.

You have got to be kidding me?

So… I done what my little introverted self does best, and I retreated. I booked an extremely needed but probably not the smartest financial decision (especially during the apocalypse) accommodation retreat in Bruny Island to stop, refresh, rejuvenate and be with my thoughts and my boys.

But like many, I am not the only one. However, I am also one of the lucky ones.

The inner social worker in me went straight to the concern for our most vulnerable in the community with a foreseeable increase in Family Violence, child reporting and a decline in mental health. Big businesses had to fold, and small ones had to let go of their best workers. With the ripple-on-effect being so much greater than my minute-to-minute problems and how others were fairing compared to me.

So, I got myself out of my pity party and I have decided to put this energy towards more practical projects (not necessarily business related, but ones focused on self-care and my family well-being). This is helping me through these new times and hopefully this can assist others too. It’s all not to say that I am the next guru and have all my shit together either, but I hope some of what I have started doing again can help others who also feel a bit lost in these uncertain and uneasy times.

Chat on the House party App

So, turns out, it’s like Facebook Messenger Video Call but with a way cooler name. I dig it! It also has options to play games, so book in a chat with three of your besties and make it a Friday trivia night.


Something that I love but don’t do enough. Take this time to catch up on some literature. Reading is my favourite past time, and I can get so lost in books that I forget what is happening around me in the world. So could there be a more perfect time than now?


I have recently started a series of the Neapolitan Novels:
My Brilliant Friend, The Story of a New Name, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay and The Story of the Lost Child by Elena Ferrante.

Virtual Cards Against Humanity

Yes, you heard that right! Only one of the greatest and most offensive games!! AND you can play it online with your people with a drink in hand and keeping to safe social distancing regulations.

Step 1: Visit playingcards.io
Step 2: Scroll down to ‘Play your favourite tabletop game or make your own ‘Cards Against Humanity’. ‘Start Game’.
Step 3: Copy the game room link and share it with up to 5 other friends. Click enter when everyone has the link and you’re ready to get started.

Workout on Zoom

If you are anything like me, I work out best when I am kept accountable. I normally go to my local F45 Training session most mornings with the girl squad. But obviously with gyms closing, this is no longer possible.

So instead the amazing Tassie F45 crew have put together a virtual workout via zoom. How incredible are they at finding ways to keep us healthy and well during this time?

Check out your local gym, pilates or yoga and see if they are offering anything like this.

Also my partner got an email from Centr (Chris Hemsworth’s online training site- https://centr.com/join-us) and they’re currently offering 6 weeks free too- ALSO, totally not getting paid to say that.

But I am just super passionate about trying to be healthy- both physically and mentally.

It does feel a little weird at first as it is a different way of training but once you get past that, it’s kick ass.


If you are a creative in any industry, take this time to re-do your website, write some blogs, plan a styled shoot, edit some travel or personal photos, try some different recipes for your menu, dry out some flowers and make a bunch for your home or gift it to someone. Muck around with some tablescape looks, IGTV stories on make-up or hair styling, write a new song or sing just because and read inspiring poetry that could be used in a future ceremony or try something entirely new and foreign.

The options are endless and only limited by our imaginations.


Remain connected to people whether it be family, friends or other businesses. Check in with one another.

I know the events industry specifically has taken a hard hit. So please reach out to each other and see how everyone is travelling.

This is an unsettling time and it is okay to grieve and to have not so good days.
But keep going and keep creating and take each day as it comes.


I think as a parting thought to this whole thing is that life will undoubtedly give us some real shit apples some days. I mean, look at the is cluster F*^k we’re in right now.
I hope you don’t mind me putting my ‘social worker’ hat back on for a minute, just to really share what I think has been one of the hardest and yet, most rewarding things I have challenged myself to do.
I also want to say again, that by any means do I have my shit together either, but everyday I try to do better and that idea has guided me through some truly dark days.

I love what Brene Brown says- “Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage”.

So with that- open up to those closest to you that you can of course trust with what your heart and mind are feeling and thinking. Be open to trying and being better and expect the same in return from those around you. Get the help you need, whether that is talking to a friend of a healthy dose of vino or seeking professional assistance. Because there is no shame in needing help, there is no shame in asking for help and it is absolutely okay to not be okay.

If you are in need of professional support in these hard times too.
There are a range of service available to you. Please use them if you have to.

LIFELINE- 13 11 14
1800 RESPECT- 1800 737 732
MINDSPOT- 1800 61 44 34
BEYOND BLUEO 1300 22 4636
HEADSPACE- 1800 650 890
KIDS HELPLINE- 1800 55 1800

Take care everyone and make sure you look after yourselves first, so that you can give your best to others around you after.