fbpx Tasmania Social Event - Wild Flower Hens Day

Apr 21, 2019

Wild Flower Hens Day

Social Event

When Tassie turns it on- it’s on.We’d been hoping for a weather perfect day and thankfully all the stars aligned for Jessica’s WILDFLOWERS Hens’. 

When one of Jessica’s bridesmaids reached out to us to help create a beautiful bohemian hen’s for their dear friend, Omar and I’s excitement equalled that of a child left unattended with cash money at the candy store. 

Thank god we are somewhat more mature than a 5 year old (maybe sometimes) and we put our excitement into building ideas, vision and planning the event.

Jessica was described a relaxed and chilled bride to be and the bohemian vibe was right up her alley- so that’s exactly what we aimed to create for her and her tribe of fabulous women. 

A perfect beach spot was chosen showcasing the ocean and rolling hills and cliff faces in the foreground. 

Omar and I had been worked on sourcing all of our amazing local produce and opted for a slightly different look from our previous picnic creation. 

And we did this by custom building a grazing centrepiece that sat above our custom white low picnic tables, showcasing all the glorious and salivating amounts of food for the guests to enjoy.

Our Wildflower Floral Arrangement adorned smack bang in the middle of all the picnic tables and hanging behind the Bride to be Peacock Throne were dried floral bouquets for that extra touch.

‘Wildflower’- A free spirit, Uncultivated by the mainstream, Independent thinker, Bravely growing wild and free.

And that she was.

You could feel the energy on the day and those present showered Jessica with nothing but good vibes, love and forever memories.

Unknown to us, this was all kept a surprise by Jessica’s bridesmaids, which made it all that much more special.

Knowing the mass effort that it would be to keep Jess’ hen’s day a secret is a credit to this ultimate bride squad- especially when Jess first walked toward the Picnic event absolutely floored. 

The moment Jessica walked down with her bride ladies by her side and seeing the smile on their faces, pretty much sums up how HONEYFIG wants to make people feel. 

It’s not everyday that you get to celebrate big milestones in such a unique way and this is what we want to create for people. 

HONEYFIG does not just create events- it creates experiences. 

Thank you again, for letting us host your special milestone.